Our goal is to consistently lead the marketplace with new ideas and concepts designed to lower costs, increase leverage and establish excellent employee retention and recruitment through superior benefits package development.

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Employee Benefits Planning Through Thoughtful Design from the Ground Up

Cornell Insurance Services is a full-service benefits firm specifically designed to offer employers a complete range of high-level employee health and benefit insurance products and service strategies that focus on cost savings, quality, leverage and retention.

Our perspective is unique in that we help our clients design their employee benefits programs fluidly from the ground up, with a holistic vision in mind. We're experts at helping companies realize their unique set of needs and goals with an approach driven to attain quality performance for our clients and partners. Cornell Insurance Services only offers and negotiates with top-tier, highly rated companies that provide reliable service and quality products.

Invite Cornell Insurance Services to be the architect of your benefits package. Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation analysis.