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Employer/Employee Benefit Solutions

Support the administration and compliance of employee benefits.

Automated – not manual

At CIS, Inc. we have created a solution to provide efficiencies and to automate the following key activities with regards to employee benefits:

  • Notify new hires for benefit enrollment
  • New hire enrollment
  • Auto enrollments
  • Annual enrollment
  • Status changes
  • Life event elections
  • Age, salary and dependent updates
  • Terminations – COBRA processing

At CIS, Inc., fully automated means processes and activities are guided by a consistent set of rules and completed without intervention

I. Employee Education

  • Regular correspondence with all employees
    1. On-site and at each location
    2. Special Events i.e. Health Fairs, Seminars etc.

Goal: To reduce claims through plan awareness and consistent plan and benefit information.

Cost Savings: Reduce utilization and impact the 60% of employees that drive the largest volume of claim activity.

II. Employer Education

  • New products, services and techniques available to the employer to reduce costs, improve benefits and increase employee retention or attraction.
  • Collaborate and advise to make sound benefit decisions for the present and future

Goal: Maintain market leadership with benefits

III. Day-to-day service for employer, employee and employee families

  • Instant access to CIS, Inc. for current plan, detailed benefit information and problem resolution for ER, EE and EE family.

Goal: Reduce and/or eliminate the 37% error rate for claim processing and billing by medical providers

IV. Cost Management, Cost Containment, Market check and evaluation

  • "A" designation for CIS, Inc. agency
  • Plan Design Consultation
    1. Benefit gap analysis
    2. Actuarial services as needed
    3. Benchmark data gathering
    4. Budget forecasting as appropriate
  • Vendor review and management
  • Health Plan Management reports
    1. Claims by age
    2. Claims by Relationship
    3. Claims by Network/PPO affiliation
    4. Inpatient vs. Outpatient claims
    5. High cost claimants
    6. Lifestyle-related claims

Goal: The employer receives the very best in market underwriting services to maximize available insurance markets and reduce cost, maintain cost and market evaluation