A fluid vision

Our approach is unique in that we help our clients design their insurance and benefits program from the ground up, with a holistic vision in mind. We're experts at helping companies realize their unique set of needs and goals for their employees.

Cornell Insurance Services, Inc.
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The Role and Duty of a Benefits Broker

David Cornell is the owner and creator of Cornell Insurance Services, Inc. (CIS, Inc.) in St. Paul. Since 1998, David's experience with carriers and employers has resulted in a new, progressive approach to benefits and insurance strategies for every form of company.

CIS, Inc. embodies four service values of cost, quality, leverage and retention. Cornell Insurance Services is based on the idea that our clients should receive a level of service that goes beyond the initial plan development and sale. Throughout the plan year, we provide a set of core services that every employer should expect from their broker:

  • Retaining talent by maximizing an employer’s benefit offering and compliance
    Including: HIPAA, FMLA, Minnesota Parental Leave Law, etc.
  • Educating clients and their employees to control cost
    Including: Regular correspondence with all employees, on-site services and special events
  • Providing the highest-quality benefits
    Including: Instant access to current plan, detailed benefit information and problem resolution
  • Using broker leverage through regular analysis and compliance and technology support
    Including: A, B, C brokerage classification, annual market check for all benefits, and reduced administration costs for every year with CIS, Inc.

Cornell Insurance Services promotes knowledgeable employers, employees and their families through regular educational opportunities and accessible firm resources. CIS, Inc. can also act as a third-party administrator to improve administration and benefits compliance as well as provide the normal cost containment and management you would expect from your benefits broker.

Focusing on individuals and employers with 5000 or fewer eligible employees, Cornell Insurance Services' goal is to remove the barriers to high quality benefits and increase awareness of how to best access and utilize our health care system.